1) Always keep your locks well lubricated (we recommend using WD40). Spray lubricant directly into keyhole approx.  every 3 months on all your locks, including automotive. This simple bit of preventive maintenance will prolong the life of  your locks by years.

2) Keep the original key as your spare and use a duplicate, then make all copies from the original key. This will ensure that as your keys wear you will always have at least one good key to make spares from. Remember the copy we make will work no better than the key it was made from

3) When you buy a new car, check to see if the "Key Code Number" is included either in any of the literature, or possibly on a tag included with your new keys. Be sure to record and save this number in a safe place. With this number you can get a new key in the event of all the keys becoming lost. Having this number could lilterally save you hundreds of dollars if you ever lose your keys.

4) If you find you are having trouble with any lock, call your locksmith immediately instead of waiting until the lock stops working completely. What may have been a "simple fix" at first could turn into a costly repair if not addressed at the onset. 

5) When moving into a new home, be sure to have all the locks changed. This way you know exactly who has keys to your home.

6) Wondering if you can make all your locks fit the same key? Take the keys from one lock and see if they will slide into the other locks. If the key will go in then it can be re-keyed to other locks reducing the number of keys you have to carry.

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